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SHOAH: The world remembers what Israel has forgotten

Holocaust Memorial Day

Last week we had the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

There is a bit of hypocrisy in my view, because the first people who should remember are the people who were the victims.

Erase a population from the Map

Ironically, it seems that they are doing what someone else has done to them: I mean, erase the existence of another population. As we can see, on the American platforms of Google Maps and Apple Maps (Look on your smartphone).
They also changed all places and cities names from Arabic to new Hebrew names.

The civilised world

Whenever someone says: “Palestinians are terrorists attacking the civilised world”.

Was an attack against the civilized world

US President Joe Biden

Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the shooting attack in Jerusalem that claimed seven Israeli lives. He said the incident “was an attack against the civilized world”, according to the White House in a readout of their telephone call.

World reacts to rising violence in Israel-Palestine conflict – Al Jazeera

Last days, the violence increased again after Israel raid on Janin refugee camp (click to read more). In response, Fighter groups answered (click to read) to violence.

But Biden’s repetition of the same sentence reminds me of the scandals by US army in Iraq.

I Cannot stop thinking about the civilised world they *wanna* build.


The 55-second clip, that was seen by millions of television viewers across the world when it aired on September 30, 2000, showed al-Durrah clinging to his father, Jamal, behind a barrel as bullets flew around them.

The father is seen gesturing frantically to try to stop the shooting as the boy screams in terror.

The camera then cuts to a shot of the motionless boy slumped in his father’s lap. A French TV report blamed Israeli troops for killing the boy, which Israel has long disputed.

Images of al-Durrah taken from the film were reproduced on stamps, and on murals painted across the Middle East; schools and streets were named after him; and he became viewed as a martyr in Gaza.

Daily Mail (UK)

“I’ve been hit,” the Palestinian father quoted his son as saying.

The first bullet struck Mohammad’s knee. The helpless father assured his son that an ambulance will soon arrive to transfer him to the hospital. But Mohammad insisted that he was fine and capable of enduring the pain.

“Don’t be afraid dad,” Jamal recalled his son’s words.

Moments later, Jamal, who himself sustained multiple wounds, found his son’s head falling into his right lap with a deep wound on his back.

MEMO (Middle East Monitor)

Remember this…

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Why did Google Maps and Apple Maps officially remove Palestine from worldwide maps?

If You look for Palestine on Google Maps or Apple Maps We all can see that they replaced it by word “Israel”.

They took it, killed all and cancelled the name. But who has this authority? UN? USA? Israel?

Actually I’m not sure that we have more democracy than 2000 thousands ago. Athene was a democracy. Democracy is there from Athene City, for sure Europe today it’s a symbol for democracy. I’m not even really sure about this, when I think that France on it’s bigger weapon customer is the dictator Al-Sisi. And that there are journalists that they fight to bring truth out. More than 40’000 civillians were killed in egypt by French systems.

Liberté, egalité, fraternité.

French Motto

There are always more sophisticated systems to pass the democratic systems and human rights.