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Best Arabic Music by The New Generations – Here a short Playlist

I was wasting time on the Internet, then I found two YouTuber brothers on the channel “Amicy” from the USA. They explore international music from all over the world. Then I went so far and found a lot of great music. Here is a short playlist of high quality Arabic music from new generations.

Check out Alex And Allen Amicy’s thoughts on this! (Amicy Gang)
  1. Sudan Cypher
  2. Mona Haydar – Hijabi (Wrap my Hijab)
  3. Arab Femcee Cypher
  4. Mona Haydar – Barbarian
  5. Ahmed Mekky W Wegz – Greatest Mix
  6. Ahmed Mekky – Atr AL Hayah
  7. Tameem Youness – track el mousem (Season’s Track)
  8. Syrian Cypher
Mona Haydar – A poet, a rapper and an activist.

Listen, Enjoy, Share and Comment about your impressions.

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Marty Lobdell – Study Less Study Smart

1- study for chunks of 25 to 30 min after that do something fun or go away

2- reward yourself after finishing your entire day

3- study concepts firstly, then study facts

4- once you learn the concepts, test yourself and learn actively

5- highlight the important terms

6- our brain is good at recognizing, but it’s not good at recollecting, so you can practice this by testing yourself and learn actively

7- flush out your notes to solidify the concepts in your mind if you’re feeling fuzzy with something, you can ask your friend who takes a good notes or ask your professor in office hours

8- summarize what you have learned by teaching it :

1- it’s useful for recalling the information

2- to ensure that you understand the subject completely

9- to be good at memorizing is to use mnemonics :

1- acronyms : ROYGBIV (red orange yellow green blue indigo violet)

2- coined sayings : as you’re singing a poet about something, you need to memorize

3- image association : to create a story in your head with what you have studied

This guy really took the “teach it to someone else” concept and thought we didn’t notice him doing it.

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